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Feng Shui for Hawai‘i

Feng Shui for Hawai‘i

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Confronting problems caused by improper energy flow in Island homes, Feng Shui for Hawai‘i draws upon the venerable Chinese art of object placement and position, offering a variety of solutions for different tastes and budgets and the special requirements of the Hawaiian lifestyle. The author uses simple, concise language to explain the sometimes confusing concepts of the ancient practice.

“...excellent, accurate, very easy to understand and apply. This book fills an important gap in specifically applying feng shui principles to Hawai’i’s homes.”
—Susan Levitt, author; Teen Feng Shui, Taoist Feng Shui

“Special places deserve special attention. Clear Englebert has given us a resource designed to further enhance Hawai’i’s beauty and energy.”
—Karen Rauch Carter, author; Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life

Clear Englebert has practiced and taught feng shui in Hawaii and California since 1995. A recognized feng shui expert, he has been featured on television programs and in print media and has published two previous feng shui titles for a national audience, Feng Shui Demystified and Bedroom Feng Shui, both from Ten Speed Press.

Softcover; 152 pp.
Author: Clear Englebert
Release Date: October 2008
Revised Edition: November 2014

Other Formats

Japanese Edition, translation by Reiko Ibano

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