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Wordsworth the Haiku Teacher
Wordsworth the Haiku Teacher

Wordsworth the Haiku Teacher

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In the fifth installment of this award-winning children’s series, Wordsworth the Poet needs help with his school assignment: teach the traditional art of haiku to his classmates! But how does a student become a teacher? Who better to ask than another poet and former teacher?

Author Frances H. Kakugawa weaves herself into Wordsworth’s latest adventure as his pen pal, giving the little mouse the confidence to teach his friends the simple structure of haiku poetry—three lines of five, seven and five syllables each. “Capture an image so others can see and feel and taste it, too,” Wordsworth encourages his new students.

With beautiful illustrations by Scott Goto, Wordsworth the Haiku Teacher makes the art of haiku engaging and introduces writing concepts such as simile, metaphor and personification in easy-to-understand terms. Covers Hawaii Content & Performance Standards Database III Content Area: Language Arts (LA.3.3.3 - Topic: Literary Elements; LA.4.3.4 - Topic: Literary Elements; LA.4.5.3 - Topic: Literary Elements; LA.CW.3.4 - Topic: Clarity; LA.WL.2.7 - Topic: Critical Stance).

Hardcover; 32 pp.
Author: Frances H. Kakugawa; illustrated by Scott Goto
Release Date: May 2023

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