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The Journey from Within

The Journey from Within

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Life and Leadership: Inside Stories from East and West
The Journey from Within is a collection of powerful essays written by international leaders and edited by Honolulu-based management consultant Glenn K. Miyataki. For the past thirty years of his forty-year career, Miyataki has specialized in cross-cultural management, traveling worldwide to advise governments and businesses on executive leadership, organizational development and strategic planning. Over the decades, he came to realize that the individuals he met who enjoyed the highest levels of success in business and life all had an “extra something” — in particular, a sharp focus on human potential and enrichment. In fields ranging from government to technology to the arts, Miyataki saw a trend toward less emphasis on function and systems and more cultivation of creativity, entrepreneurship and individual capacity.

On a trip to India in 2007, he was introduced to manthan, a Hindu word with Sanskrit roots meaning, “to churn.” The concept of manthan, as taught to Miyataki by the leadership training guru Debashis Chatterjee, is a process by which one learns more about the self through experience and — through self-awareness and self-realization — works for and contributes to the betterment of others. This inner journey — examining one’s philosophical core and clarifying the essence of purposeful behavior — was the theme that Miyataki asked a dozen international leaders to explore in The Journey from Within. Together, their essays offer a wealth of raw material for introspection and reinvention of the self.

Contributors include:
  • GEORGE R. ARIYOSHI, state governor, USA
  • CAOLI CANO, sake brewmaster, Japan
  • ROBERTO DE OCAMPO, finance minister, Philippines
  • KIICHIRO HASEGAWA, management consultant, Japan
  • SHAWN HU, cross-cultural policy maker, People’s Republic of China
  • EARL KAWA‘A, Hawaiian cultural expert, USA
  • DUANE KURISU, entrepreneur, USA
  • ELEONORA MASINI, humanitarian and futurist, Italy
  • FUJIO MATSUDA, university president, USA
  • MERLE AIKO OKAWARA, business pioneer, Japan
  • JEAN WATSON, nursing theorist, USA
  • TAKUMA YAMAMOTO, board chairman, Japan

Softcover, 172 pp.
Editor: Glenn K. Miyataki
Release Date: November 2018

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