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Aloha, Lady Blue: The Mystery of Kahala Road

Aloha, Lady Blue: The Mystery of Kahala Road

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Stryker McBride is a former crime reporter living in self-imposed exile on a houseboat in Kāne‘ohe Bay, after being shot by a rogue cop during an investigation. At the request of a gorgeous high-school acquaintance, McBride finds himself swept up in the mysterious death of the beauty queen’s wealthy grandfather, who was found face down in a taro patch. McBride narrates Aloha, Lady Blue, introducing readers to a vibrant cast of characters, among them “the gods”—Lono and Kane, McBride’s German Shepherds—and an assortment of gruff cops, local gangsters and salty sailors.

In honor of Lono and Kane—who, we discover, handle most of McBride’s “job” as night watchman for the local yacht club—author Charley Memminger has pledged to donate all of his paperback royalties from Aloha, Lady Blue to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

“Memminger does for Hawaii what John D. MacDonald did for Florida: makes it come alive.”
—David Houle, author, The Shift Age

“Thoroughly authentic and entertaining. A fast and furious ride with unforgettable characters, hot Hawaiian nights and a dark and dirty secret that could scar the face of America’s paradise.”
—Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, executive producers, “Mad Men”

Charley Memminger is a national award-winning humor columnist and screenwriter. During his more than 30 years in newspapers, Memminger was a crime and investigative reporter, features writer and editor. A former writer on Baywatch Hawaii, Memminger currently is working with the Hawaii International Film Festival Creative Lab adapting Aloha, Lady Blue into a TV or Netflix mini-series.

Softcover; 280 pp.
Author: Charley Memminger
Release Date: November 2015

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