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Dangerous Woman

Dangerous Woman

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We are the dangerous women...
Who never say no to sunsets, sunrises,
Evening strolls or double martinis.
We are the women who speak to you
In supermarkets over apples and cabbages,
Making you wish you could follow us home.
We are so damn demanding
You wish we had never met,
Yet you know, we are the only poetry you have.
We are the women you should avoid
If you don’t believe in Peter Pan,
And the first star of the evening skies.
But pour us wine as the sun sets low,
And we will hand you the key
To things you don’t know.

In this, her fourteenth book, Frances H. Kakugawa assembles a collection of poetry spanning sixty years—previously published works and new poems, grappling with answers to life’s existential questions, the need to understand our relationship with nature and the world beyond the self.

“My first book of poetry was published when I was in my 30s. Fifty years later, I am still here. Who would have thought poems written in my youth would still speak to us today? My search for self, love, joy and meaning in life continues.” Author Frances H. Kakugawa is an award-winning, internationally published author of fourteen books, and a regular column, “Dear Frances,” for caregivers in the Hawai‘i Herald. She conducts poetry readings, workshops and lectures throughout the country. In her sessions for adults, Kakugawa shares with honesty and openness the lessons learned from caregiving. Programs for hospital and elder-healthcare professionals focus on humanizing their clinical skills. In her children’s workshops, Frances introduces students to poetry as a way to explore and embrace their elders and other aspects of their lives.

Softcover, 218 pp.
Author: Frances H. Kakugawa
Release Date: October 2017

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