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Hidden Heroes
Hidden Heroes

Hidden Heroes

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We live in a starstruck society. We love our heroes, be they chief executives, entertainers or sports stars—men and women venerated for their celebrity status. But to see how the real work gets done, we must look beyond the superstar. In many cases the real work is performed by exceptional subordinates—hidden heroes who fly under the radar.

Exhaustively researched and laced with memorable anecdotes and lively stories, Hidden Heroes is designed to enlighten and inspire. This groundbreaking book celebrates the selfless individuals who find success in the shadows—motivated by the opportunity to serve others and to make a difference regardless of the risks. It captures the true spirit of servant leadership, often missing today.

Author David Heenan argues that in a world that often seems dark and cold, it’s important to turn the spotlight on these stalwarts behind the scenes, to give them the credit they so richly deserve. Heenan examines ten sets of extraordinary servant leaders, from both history and contemporary life. Their stories illuminate every field, from business and education to entertainment and sports. They demonstrate how we can all reap rich rewards by unleashing those who focus on others, not themselves. By revealing each of these enterprises through their eyes, Heenan shows us how individuals and organizations can benefit from a more inclusive, less celebrity-oriented view of leadership.

“In this timely and inspiring book, David Heenan profiles those exceptional deputies who make their organizations stronger, more nimble–and ultimately more successful. Must reading for aspiring leaders.” —Michael O’Neill, chairman, Citigroup

“Business is a team sport. Hidden Heroes is an important playbook for leader coaches aspiring to embrace the future.” —Steve Case, chairman and CEO, Revolution LLC, and author, The Third Wave

“In Hidden Heroes, David Heenan gives us an authentic look into meaningful servant leadership. His message is timely, spirited and important.” —Mary G. F. Bitterman, president, The Bernard Osher Foundation

“From ghost writers to Sherpas, from backup singers to a basketball team that never wins, Heenan deftly captures the essence of those selfless individuals who find success in the shadows. You’ll love this book!” —Jerry Porras, Lane Professor of Organization and Change Emeritus, Stanford Business School, and co-author, Built to Last

“Hidden Heroes is a thought-provoking book that will change the way you think about meaning and success. It will open up new options for your life. A great read!” —Kent Keith, author, Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments

Author: David Heenan
Hardcover w/ dustjacket; 240 pp
Release Date: December 2016

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