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Island Son

Island Son

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Island Son traces the multi-faceted political, legal, and naval career of Republican Senator Fred Rohlfing. Rohlfing's memoir spans his athletic days at Yale; his 20 years service in the Hawaii State legislature; Naval Intelligence service in Vietnam at the time of the Tet Offensive; stints as Attorney General in American Samoa and ambassador to the South Pacific Commission in New Caledonia, and service to the County of Maui in numerous roles.

“A little like Bill Lederer, (WWII-era author and former naval officer), former State Senator Fred Rohlfing exhibits a wry sense of what might have been when he depicts the trials and tribulations of being a minority party leader in post WW II Hawaii. Island Son offers insights on political in-fights won and lost, the failures and successes of a local boy, a Yale grad who earned his law degree at night school while serving in the Navy, a minority party underdog who held to personal principles rather than compromise to political ambition. Rohlfing reveals the personal history behind his empathetic views that led him in shaping key legislation on land reform and rights for leasehold homeowners….while losing two close elections for congress from O‘ahu.”
—Edwin Tanji, former Honolulu Advertiser Maui Bureau Chief and retired City Editor for The Maui News

“ Fred Rohlfing has written an energetic, engaging memoir. Naval officer, lawyer, public servant, elected leader, judge, Pacific diplomat; he gives special attention to Hawaii’s early statehood years and present challenges. An entertaining and informative read for every student of Hawai‘i politics and Pacific Island Affairs.”
—Karl Rove, Former Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush

Softcover; 256 pp.
Author: Senator Fred Rohlfing
Release Date: September 2010