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Today’s Thought

Today’s Thought

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For more than 35 years, Rev. Paul S. Osumi inspired generations of readers of The Honolulu Advertiser and other newspapers with his daily column, “Today’s Thought.” Thousands of copies of his simple aphorisms were clipped and saved, tacked to bulletin boards, stuck to refrigerator doors and carried in wallets. Now, in Today’s Thought—Rev. Paul Osumi: The Man & His Message, his son, Norman H. Osumi, tells the story of the man behind these treasured messages, including hundreds of favorite “Thoughts.”

Today’s Thought also features many of the inspirational speeches delivered by Rev. Osumi during his tenure at churches in the Gila Relocation Camp, where he and his family lived during World War II, and on Kaua‘i, the Big Island and O‘ahu. Photographs and letters from the Osumi family’s personal collection add a depth and intimate dimension to this profile of a quiet man who influenced so many. Rev. Osumi’s “Thoughts” resonated with people of all faiths and even those with no religious affiliation, speaking to his universal message of leading a positive, meaningful life.

Softcover; 272 pp.
Author: Norman S. Osumi
Release Date: September 2013