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Why Smart Men Do the Same Dumb Things
Why Smart Men Do the Same Dumb Things

Why Smart Men Do the Same Dumb Things

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Do you empty the room when you walk in? Do others find you uncommunicative or temperamental? Is it hard to admit when you’ve made a mistake? Would you rather die than ask for help?

Whether they know it or not, many men (and women, too) follow bushido, the way of the warrior, the age-old Japanese code that stresses wariness, isolation and the suppression of feelings. You may be one of these “silent samurai”—one who doesn’t talk much, or doesn’t consider your feelings relevant to decision making. You don’t like being the center of attention. You don’t ask questions and you don’t like being asked. You don’t explain yourself because “it’s just making excuses.”

In this follow-up to her acclaimed self-help book Why Smart People Do the Same Dumb Things, respected Hawai‘i psychologist Dr. Rosalie K. Tatsuguchi explains the thought behind the bushido paradigm and teaches how to know when you should be a stern samurai, or when you should give and accept intimacy. Learning this process of behavioral change can open the door to better relationships with your peers, friends and family. Dr. Tatsuguchi’s unique approach is rooted in both modern scientific methodology and in Buddhist principles of respect for the human spirit. Why Smart Men Do the Same Dumb Things will help you realize when the way of the warrior works—and when it doesn’t—to help you live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Rosalie K. Tatsuguchi, PhD. has maintained a private practice in Honolulu since 1983. In addition to a Ph.D in Psychology, Dr. Tatsuguchi has an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology and a B.A. in Philosophy and Asian History. A member of the American Psychological Association and certified by the Council for the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, she counsels children and adults, including couples of many different ages, ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic levels and religious beliefs.

Softcover; 144 pp.
Author: Rosalie K. Tatsuguchi, Ph.D.
Release Date: September 2015

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